What is the Best Month to Buy a Car?

best month to buy a car

Trying to figure out the best month to buy a car?

Car shopping is never as simple or as straightforward as we hope – and usually ends up involving some real headaches and hassles that most of us would like to ignore.

All of this extra effort, frustration, and anger will melt away when you figure out what the best month to buy a car in is, as you’ll have “extra insider information” that will serve you well when negotiating – and even give you a bit of a “bump” when it comes to sticker savings.

Here are some tips and tricks you’ll want to keep in your back pocket looking for the best month to buy a car.

Before we get into the best month to buy a car…

But before we get into the “nitty-gritty” of when the best month to buy a car is, it’s important that you know when is the worst time to buy a vehicle so that you avoid it at all costs.

The absolute worst time of buy a new car is just as soon as the weather begins to clear, the summer is right around the corner, and tax refund checks are just starting to trickle in. Any other time than this is when you’ll be able to get some pretty sweet deals, though there are certainly something to the best month to buy a car mentality as well.

What kind of car do you want to buy?

Honestly, there is no “one-size-fits-all” best time to buy a car out there – it depends entirely upon a number of critical factors, with one of them being the type of car that you hope to buy.

Obviously, if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle that is a convertible, sports car, or other little hot rod, the summer months are going to end up costing a lot more when it comes to get a loan or sign that purchasing document – where as the winter or colder months will end up helping you save buckets and buckets of cash.

On the flipside, purchasing a new 4 x 4 in the dead of winter is going to almost always cost you more money than if you had purchased it in the hot July sun. Figure out the type car that you want to purchase first, and then you’ll know exactly which time of year the best month to buy a car of that type.

Other tips and tricks to save money when buying a car

Other tips and tricks you’ll want to keep in your back pocket include:

  • Grabbing outgoing models before the new ones are released
  • Try to shop at the end of the month or end of the quarter when quotas need to be hit
  • Make your offer later in the day so that salesmen are less inclined to play hardball when negotiating
  • Look for year-end savings that are usually offered by most major automobile companies in dealerships

So long as you keep these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll always have extra ammunition when it comes time to buy a new vehicle!

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